The depressing state of a wasting environment in oPt

Recycling in Palestine? Why not?

Dubbeldee Productions

2013-01-31 11.04.30

Solid waste. Who doesn’t like to hear those two words. A famous linguist once said that of all the phrases in the English language Solid Waste is the most beautiful…or was that cellar door…I digress. My point: not something that I thought I would get quite so passionate about.

Solid waste refers to household garbage, rubble, industry waste etc etc and it is a BIG problem in the Palestinian territories. Despite various attempts to improve the situation, from the 2010-2014 National Strategy for Solid Waste Management to a $12 million (2009) and $8.3 million (2013) grant by the World Bank to accommodate the problem in two southern provinces, the real source of the issue, in my opinion, lies in the mentality of the people. Waste is not seen by the average citizen as a priority. Cans, bottles, cardboard boxes and other objects are thrown away carelessly at roadsides and makeshift…

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